What does “Krav Maga” mean?

Krav Maga (Pronounced “Krav Muh-Ga”) is simply Hebrew for “Contact Combat”. Details of it’s origins can be found on ourAbout Krav Magapage. Unfortunately, since its translation is such a generic term there is no legal restriction on using it, which has been taken advantage of by gyms and fake instructors with only rudimentary knowledge, teaching under the tag “Krav Maga” and claiming affiliation with bodies to which they do not belong. Be sure your teacher is currently affiliated with a recognized body.

Why train with Pro Krav Maga Dublin, Ireland?

We are a legitimate IKMF body based in Dublin, and have an international support network with a constantly evolving training methodology coming direct from the source in Israel. Your training will be recognized, and your gradings will count! There won’t be a ceiling beyond which you cannot pass, and further down the line should you wish to broaden your knowledge you will have access to a wide range of courses and facilities around the world. Your instructor is also required to keep his training up to date to hold his license! So you know what you are getting is the best. There is very poor regulation on this in Ireland, and for the reason outlined in the last question the term Krav Maga is bandied around by unlicensed instructors. If you are thinking of taking regular tuition, it would be unwise to take an unofficial route as you will have nowhere to go once you reach a certain level, and your training will not be recognised should you decide to switch to a “real” KM body.

Is Krav Maga A Martial Art?

Yes, it is a martial art, but it is very different from the “traditional” martial arts such as Karate, Taekwondo, Kung-Fu, etc. It is a very modern and practical form of self defence. It is what’s called an “eclectic” system, meaning that it borrows elements from other styles as well as incorporating it’s own. It is non-competitive and “reality” focussed, meaning that it looks for solutions to realistic attack scenarios (eg a knife attack, a gang attack, a rape or a mugging) as opposed to ring fighting with rules. Comparing Krav Maga with “traditional” martial arts has caused some confusion about what Krav actually is, not helped by the many unaffiliated instructors claiming it’s not a MA and boiling the system down to just the “wow factor” moves without a proper understanding of the core principles. Beware of such nonsense! Real Krav Maga is a complete system not just a bunch of locks and holds.

Do You Run Short Krav Maga Courses?

We have tailored short courses (eg 2 days, 10 weeks, etc) to specific needs in the past, such as corporate gyms or group courses where you could learn to defend yourself quickly. We do not run them open to general public anymore, but only on demand. If you are a group or organisation interesting in this service please contact us to discuss your needs.

The reason we don’t run open courses anymore is that we feel that the name of Krav Maga is being misrepresented in Ireland, and despite radical claims you can not learn to do it properly in 2 days. There are very fundamental skills that need to be in place for the system to integrate properly, and the size of the syllabus is vast, and always evolving.

You can learn some excellent self defence in that amount of time, which is why when we ran these courses we ran them under the title of “Self Defence Course”, hosted by Pro Krav Maga Academy. They used a lot of signature Krav Maga moves, but we never referred to them as “IKMF Krav Maga Courses”. Our focus now is to promote the correct Krav Maga syllabus, and to continue to grow with it.

Do I need to be super fit to do Krav Maga?

No. At Pro Krav Maga academy we believe that self defence is a right for everyone. As a general requirement for our regular (non special needs) courses, attendee’s should be in good physical and mental health and have no disabilities that would put themselves or others at risk. As the classes progress they become more intense, as the students become more conditioned… just be prepared to sweat – regardless of your fitness level ;)

Is Krav Maga good for fitness training?

Yes. As per the previous question – be prepared to sweat when doing these classes. You will be surprised by how much your fitness will increase during the training. I personally believe this is some of the best fitness training around – students frequently push themselves beyond what they normally would do, yet they are having fun doing so! You will find the training is physically and mentally challenging, in a good way! :)

Is Krav Maga dangerous?

Any sport or physical activity carries a risk of injury. Our first rule is safety in training.

Is Krav Maga suitable for girls?

Absolutely! Unfortunately, violence against women is not uncommon and being the physically weaker sex they are more vulnerable in a fight. By training yourself you will give yourself knowledge and the edge if faced with an attack. We like to have a mix of students of both sexes, since it makes the training better and more realistic for everyone as they get to practice on people of varying size and strength.

Why is the course adults only?

IKMF rules require that all practitioners are at least 16 years of age, and thus we accept students to regular classes to follow the IKMF syllabus from that age. The classes are reality based and not suitable for children. For our short courses, the minimum age is 18. This is because we realize the potential for abuse of the information. Younger students may be considered under special circumstances, but an accompanying guardian may be required.

Are there any Krav Maga classes suitable for children?

There are IKMF classes designed for children. At this time we do not offer them, but we will gauge interest going forward and may decide to run them based on our feedback.

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