Krav Maga Classes In Dublin 6, Dublin 14 & Dublin 16 Ireland

Krav Maga Classes In Dublin 16 (Sandyford Industrial Estate)

* Don’t be fooled by other Krav Maga “courses”. There are 2 IKMF schools in Dublin – ourselves and Fingal! Make sure you have a qualified instructor, not a flashy marketer! You can easily ask your school to prove their level and they should be able to. You can even ask at HQ if still in doubt and they will give you full information.

Sign Up Here for Authentic Israeli Krav Maga (IKMF), and learn from an IKMF Expert instructor!!!

New Group Starting: 17th August 2016 - Contact Us Now!
Time: Wed 7.30pm-8:30pm. More frequent training is available if you enjoy.
Location: Queen Of Angels National School, Wedgewood, Dublin 16
Audience: Beginners. Over 16’s with parental consent.
Membership: €50/Month General Public. No Joining Fee & No Long Term Commitments!

Contact: or call 086-8340335
What is Krav Maga? Click Here! or Visit Our Home Page for more.

The next beginner induction class will begin 17th August 2016 in Balally (Sandyford Ind Estate), Dublin 16.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join our genuine IKMF Krav Maga school and to learn the real Krav Maga. Classes are always in very popular demand and we limit places so don’t miss out!

* Your instructor is fully and trained qualified by IKMF Israel, and still an active affiliate of the IKMF organisation. *

What this means for you:

  • Ongoing Training! It doesn’t stop at the end of a “course”. You will have a path through the system and can test and achieve higher levels – similar to belts in martial arts. *This is how REAL Krav Maga is and has always been*
  • IKMF Membership
    • Your name is registered with IKMF Headquarters
    • You will get access to seminars and gradings from the Israeli masters, visiting us right here in Ireland!
    • Your gradings will be recognised internationally and maintained if you switch school
    • You will learn the correct Krav Maga syllabus, as set out by HQ
    • Your training will be up to date, as the system is constantly evolving
    • You will be able to attend camps in Israel, for the more adventurous among you :)
    • You will be a part of a large, global network of Krav Maga students and instructors, who are a tight knit “family” :)
    • There is a solid path toward IKMF instructor for those who stick with it.
    • Whether you train with us or not, you definitely should insist on this so you know what you are getting.
    • Warning: Anyone can use the name “Krav Maga” because it just means “contact combat” in Hebrew, but the name of the source organisation “IKMF” is protected. Look for IKMF!
  • Worldwide Recognition - Train in any other IKMF club worldwide while maintaining your grade
  • Global Network - Meet your peers in seminars and courses and become a part of an international school.

Krav Maga Classes Location:

The beginner classes will be held in Queen Of Angels National School, Balally, Dundrum, Dublin 16. This is located in Sandyford Industrial Estate just up from the Beacon Hotel, and is serviced by bus and luas. Google maps link here.

Krav Maga
 is a fast and efficient self defence system that is used by military and special forces worldwide. The system was developed in Israel and is used by their security forces, including Mossad. It has since been expanded into several curriculums branching Military, Police, Security and civilian sectors.

Now You can learn Krav Maga to protect yourself and your loved ones! Don’t miss out!!!

NB: You can only enter our regular classes by joining whenever a beginner term comes up. Class Sizes Are Limited – Prompt booking is strongly recommended. Classes are a mix of focussed learning and high intensity training – so you will get a workout while you learn.

See our testimonials page for previous classes feedback!

*Places for these classes are very limited, and will be first-come, first-served, so early booking is strongly advised to avoid disappointment*

*** Hotmail Users – some users of hotmail / live have had problems receiving our first mail. This is a well known hotmail complaint. Please add us to your safe senders list and check your junk mail. Providing a phone number for sms will also help. We only ever contact with booking details or important class updates, never marketing or spam.