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Krav Maga is fast becoming accepted as the worlds most effective Martial Art for Personal Protection. Originally designed as a hand-to-hand combat system for Israeli military forces in the 1950’s, it’s meaning simply translates from Hebrew into “contact combat”, and as a military style it was designed to

Stop the attacker as quickly as possible!

Krav Maga is unique in that it recognises the bodies natural flinch response under different assault scenarios, and rather than try to reprogram the practitioner it instead is designed to work off of these natural movements. The result is a system that is much more easily learned. Krav Maga Classes were designed to work off the body’s instinctive reactions, with the goal that it

Can be learned FAST!

Krav Maga was not designed to be the next karate or MMA. It was not a sporting, traditional or fair fighting system, because it had to recognize the reality – that there is nothing “fair” about real-world violence, and there are no rules on the street! As a young Jewish athlete surviving on the streets of Nazi controlled Bratislava, this gritty reality was all too clear to it’s founder, Imi Lichtenfeld. The system was devised and nurtured as a military hand-to-hand and hand-to-weapon combat system in newly formed Israel – which remains one of the most conflicted and contested territories in the world, and it grew out of necessity.
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From these beginnings, and as the system began to be adapted for civilian use, it has since progressed under the leadership of the IKMF into one of the most practical self defence systems on the planet. It is not designed for the ring it is designed for self defence, a very different concept. Krav Maga’s strength is in its flexibility – without being tied to any traditional system, it is free to borrow from other martial arts, and dismiss what doesn’t work in practical self defence. As such it is dynamic and constantly evolving, as its methods are tried and pressure tested not in the dojo’s where there are rules and referees, but under the most hostile real world conditions – where a mistake is the difference between life and death – and the system is adapted whenever a weakness is identified.

The grim reality is that violence is not a controlled arena, and the learnings passed on through Krav Maga too often came from the death of fellow human beings. As such you should ensure that your trainer is still actively training and affiliated with the Israeli IKMF group, so that you know you are getting the best and most up to date training available.

At Pro Krav Maga Academy, this is always the case.