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Discover Krav Maga Self Defence in Dublin, Ireland and quickly learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones in 2 days using the most effective, tested and proven self-defence system in the world!

*We no longer run short courses, except on request. If you wish to organise a group training course contact us with your needs and we will aim to facilitate, otherwise CLICK HERE for information on regular classes.

We no longer offer krav maga self defence “courses” to the general public, but watch our site for seminars and other promotions. Our reason is simply because we feel that Krav Maga is being misrepresented around Ireland by others with such courses, and on consideration I have decided to teach the general public soley through regular krav maga classes where they can learn the correct fundamentals and follow the curriculum, as set out by Eyal Yanilov and the KMG.

** If however you are part of an organisation or group who would like to run a short “self defence” course, over a set period of time, CONTACT US and we will aim to meet your needs. We have ran these in the past to public and to corporations, and they were very well received. We can arrange dividing the course into a time period that suits you – for example full days or divided into classes over x weeks.

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These courses offer the life-changing gift of learning how to protect yourself in the real world – fast!

Forget temporary boot camps, pole dancing and spinning classes – this is something practical and fun you will take with you for life!

This course is suitable for beginners and upwards. You will be amazed as you learn how to quickly stop an attack in it’s track. This course covers everything from attacker psychology (and how to use it in your favour!), to conflict avoision to, and of course, what to do when these are no longer options! You will learn a variety of striking techniques that are simple yet devastatingly effective, as well as how to escape from a variety of common locks and holds… and you will get a great workout.

You can contact us by filling in the form below expressing your interest and submit to us. Alternatively, you can email, or call 086-8340335.

** Due to overactive junk filters with some email clients (eg hotmail), some people have reported not receiving our replies. Please check your junk mail and add us to your safe list – or to be sure – provide a contact phone number in your response.
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Some Feedback From Our Last Course:

“Surprising how much self defence techniques you can learn in such a short time. Course opens your mind on how to notice possible dangerous situations which happen and also gives you ideas on how to avoid them. Definitely Recommend.”

– Jacek Zgardzinski


“I found this course extremely helpful and feel it has kick started my interest into self defence. It gave a great insight into self defence and how it works. It dealt with basic moves which is what I was hoping for.”
– Noeline, Psychotherapist


“I had learnt Karate for 5 years but I didn’t know how to defend myself when in dangerous situations so I joined the 2 day general self defence course. I learned good skills and I now have confidence in defending myself”
- Yuko Kizaki, Student 


“I have been trained by Paul and it was great. He was very clear and specific with his instructions which for me who had never had any previous martial art experience was great. He made it real easy for me to learn. The best thing was with my disability he was able to adapt techniques to suit me and be effective. Can’t wait to get back training with him again.”
–- Simon Brophy, Dublin


“I would highly recommend this course to both male and female. I hope you do some more courses like this and if so please keep in touch”
–- Alan, Sports Therapist


“I found the course extremely useful and realistic, great teacher, and great teaching skills, and overall a brilliant course. I feel I have a lot more confidence now after doing this course.”
–-Emma Devlin, Student


“Great Weekend. Really learned a lot. Will now know how to protect myself with a number of options should the need arise”
- Martin Nelis


“This was a very thorough, exciting and involved 2-day course. The instructor Paul, clearly has a notable talent for getting the material across in an interesting way.. that can be remembered! I can honestly say I came out of this course with vastly improved confidence w.r.t protecting myself should the need arise. Highly Recommended!!”
- Eoin McCormack, Engineer


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