Pro Krav Maga Academy is a fully licensed school of the Israeli International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) – the oldest and most veteran organisation in the world. Our instructor Paul Duffy is fully qualified to teach Krav Maga with the rank of “Expert 1″

In Pro Krav Maga Academy your training doesn’t stop at the end of a “course”. You will have a path through the system and can test and achieve higher levels (similar to belts in martial arts). *This is how REAL Krav Maga is and has always been*

We are based in “Queen of the Angels School” in Balally/Dundrum and are the only legitimate IKMF Krav Maga school in Dublin City**

** Don’t be fooled by other Krav Maga “courses”.


Benefits Of Classes With Pro Krav Maga Include:

• Learn how to protect You and Your loved ones safety
• Become a part of the IKMF ‘family’ and have access to their training and facilities worldwide
• Be eligible for gradings and qualifications under the worlds top experts directly from Israel
• Get a great, fun workout while you learn!
• Increase your confidence dramatically
• Enhance your well-being
• Personal Growth – push your limits and realize your own potential!
• Discover lots of interesting, new skills in a team environment
• Meet new friends


International Krav Maga Federation (Israel), Dublin Branch 

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